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The financial needs of a farmer are as diverse as the number of possible crops or livestock you can raise. Security State Bank offers a wide variety of loans to help with these costs, and our loan representatives can help you find the right loan for your needs.

Operating Loans

These loans, including lines of credit, can be used to cover costs from various farm operations from crop to livestock enterprises. Terms and schedules that fit your specific needs are available.

Machinery and Equipment Loans

Having the right machinery is key to your success, so we offer loans with fixed and variable interest rates for new or used machinery. They are structured to match current cash flows and the useful life of the asset purchased.

Feeder and Breeding Livestock Loans

Whether you need additional funds for feeding or breeding livestock, we have loan options for both. Payment schedules are available from monthly to annual to try to match future milk or livestock sales.

Real Estate Loans

Buying additional land or adding a livestock facility, grain silo or other structure can be costly, so we offer longer term loans to assist.

FSA Guaranteed Loans

These FSA Loan programs provide operation or farm ownership funds to beginning or first time borrowers with cash flow limitations or minimum equity.

Beginning Farmer Loans

We are committed to help young and beginning farmers succeed. This financial tool is in place to assist these producers and their credit needs.

To take advantage of these loan options call one of our Ag lenders today! 1-888-384-7780

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